What we believe

It is often claimed that we live in an age beyond belief. Yet everyone believes something, whether it is in the power of science and the rational mind to offer solutions and hope, or maybe it’s that money and the free market will sort everything out. Perhaps people believe that family and friends are all you need and will see you through and support you in life. Maybe people believe in the power of nature to provide meaning and insight. Or maybe people just believe in ‘doing it my way’. One way or another people have some system of belief even though they may never have clearly spelt it out for themselves.

And so many people seem to be wary of organised religion. They claim that it is boring, or it causes conflict, or it is irrational, or they object to being ‘preached at’ and told what to do. So many people claim to be irreligious.

What we believe as Christians

The Christian faith is first and foremost a very practical way of living and relating to each other and the world around us. It is rooted in love and the belief that ‘God is love and that those who live in love live in God and God lives in them.’ In that way it is not exclusive faith but is inclusive of all those who seek to live in loving ways.
Christians come to know of this love in many ways, through the natural world and creation itself, through the way that God has revealed himself to people over thousands of years. These accounts have been written down in the Bible and form the basis of our shared knowledge of how God chose to relate to us over time. But most of all, Christians have come to know about this love through the person of Jesus Christ who is the human face of God Himself. We learn that God is never remote or distant but has come into our lives in the embodiment of Jesus. We celebrate his birth at Christmas time as love came into the world in person. We learn about his teachings, especially about the Kingdom of God, and his healing power. We discover just how boundless the love of God is for his world when Jesus allowed himself to die on a cross that we might know that nothing can ever separate us from the love of God. Three days after his death he was raised to new life, showing that whatever happens in life there is always hope. New life can arise out of situations that seem desperate and lifeless. We can summarise this as ‘God is as he is in Jesus Christ and so we have hope.’ 

Christians are people who have looked at life and have come to the conclusion that following the person of Jesus Christ as a friend and as Saviour is the best way to live and to receive the assurance of life in all its fulness that he promises.
It is a way of life that is both rewarding and challenging. We find deep satisfaction in growing close to God and knowing ourselves to be loved unconditionally by him. But we are also challenged to work to transform the world so that it is looks more like the Kingdom of God that Jesus came to begin her with us. This alternative kingdom is a world based on justice, compassion and truth. It can be difficult to live like this in a world that does not seem to value injustice, ‘looks out for number one’ and confuses us with false news.

The Church is not a building but is a global community of people who are empowered by the Holy Spirit, which is God’s power, to work together in hope and love. We think of ourselves as though we were the very body of Jesus Christ in the world, each with a special and unique part to play in his ongoing work. It is that vision for life that inspires us to work in our communities, our families, our places of work and leisure, to share something of the love that we have experienced personally from our relationship with Jesus Christ, and to bring about change for the better.

If you would like to be part of this movement for good rooted in God’s love and power then please join us and make the most of life for yourself and for others.

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