Sunday 24th November 2019 was a great day of celebration for the Parish of Christ the King.  It was the day that Joseph Halton was confirmed and we celebrated our Patronal Festival.
On that Sunday morning, people from all the churches across the parish came together for a shared service at St Columba’s, Wideopen. We were also delighted to welcome Bishop John Packer who led the service and confirmed Joseph.
This Sunday of the year is the date that the Church throughout the world marks as ‘Christ the King Sunday.’  This is an important reminder that the focus of our lives as Christians is to work with God to bring to reality the Kingdom of God.  Jesus revealed this way of living to us through his compassionate and sacrificial way of living; so different from the way that so many earthly ‘kings’ exercise their power. Since our Parish is named after Christ the King, we make a special celebration of this Sunday every year and commit ourselves again to follow in Jesus’s way of life. 

We also have our service of Confirmation on this Sunday when we are all together.  This year we were delighted that Joseph wanted to take this next step on his Christian journey.

Getting confirmed is an important moment in anyone’s life as they affirm for themselves the promises that were made on their behalf at their baptism, if they were baptized as a child.  People get confirmed at any stage of their lives when they have come to realise for themselves that being a disciple of Jesus Christ is the most liberating and fulfilling way to live.

We celebrate with Joseph and wish him well at this exciting moment in his life, and for the future.

If you wish to explore Confirmation for yourself, then don’t hesitate to contact one of the churches near you.